How small business can thrive for the holidays

As the year comes to an end, holiday shopping is just around the corner. 23ABC’s Daniela Garrido shares tips for small business owners looking to make the most of the final quarter of the year.

The end of the year is a critical time for businesses especially for small businesses that are looking to make the most out of holiday shopping. 23ABC spoke with two business consultants on how small businesses can adapt to make the most out of this final stretch of 2020.

Shawn and Lacey Dill are owners of a chiropractic office but they’re also business consultants and say the last quarter of the year could be their best one yet for small business owners.

“Because of what happened it gave people time to work on their businesses instead of in their businesses,” said Lacey.

“In the last quarter of the year, you’re really going to see a massive push for small business,” added Shawn. “Every year you hear ‘buy small, support small’ but I think this year you will see it more.”

The duo shared four tactics for small businesses looking to get the most profit out of the final quarter of the year. Starting with investing in your community.

“Some of the entrepreneurs we work with went to businesses and spent $100 to open a tab and open a customer to go there and get something on their behalf. If you put out into the community you’re going to get a return in some way shape or form.”

Their second piece of advice is to build an honest and transparent relationship with your customers and business neighbors.

“We are strongly advising our clients to create deep-rooted relationships in the business community, not just referrals, but a relationship where you are looking out for each other and helping each other succeed”

As times have slowed down, they are encouraging business owners to take a good look at who their ideal client is and reshape their marketing for them.

“We always talk about knowing your ideal client enough that you create an environment specifically for them… what music do they like, what hours do they like to come in.”

Lastly, being collaborative and creative.

“Who else serves the same individual that I want and how can we come together to provide them a combination of services that they’ve never had access to before.”

These four tips for small business owners aim to help them not only get more clients for the holiday season but also keep them in the long run.

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