How a 23-Year-Old Helps Women Rise, Spread Their Wings, and Make Six Figures with an Online Business

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Sophia Rising has every intention of building her future on her terms, and helping other women across the globe do the same.


Sophia Rising

Saskatchewan, Canada, Aug. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It’s a rare occasion to come across a woman at age 23 who is already in the midst of her seventh business, while earning a six-figure income with location and time freedom. Sophia Rising has every intention of building her future on her terms, and helping other women across the globe do the same. Her path was littered with hurdles, but there was no slowing her down. Once she found her inner strength, it’s like the clouds drifted away and the sun started shining.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, we often think of older men, who have been in business for ages. But Sophia’s been building successful businesses since she was 18. The only problem was that even with monetary gains, there was no fulfillment. Something was missing. Once she uncovered her path, her passion was ignited, and she knew exactly where she was headed and how to get there.

She’d triumphed over trying circumstances and went to University as she was expected to do, but something wasn’t lining up for her. Everything she learned left her feeling off-course. She needed applicable information to finally make her dreams rise.

With a business plan in hand, she swallowed her guilt of wanting to quit University, and started paving her entrepreneur path. Only, the path she thought she was carving, wasn’t fulfilling.  

She longed for freedom of location, flexibility of time, and to make a difference in people’s lives, all while making passive income. It was in her work with masterminds and courses that she found her calling as a business coach. She took the knowledge and experience she’s built from running multiple businesses, investing heavily in personal development, and grounding herself to build a course for others to learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and recognize their own strengths. With a winning combination, it helps her clients learn how to turn their past into their purpose, and their passion into a profitable, impactful business.

In finding passion, there’s room for growth, and to enjoy multiple projects. It’s in knowing where to start, and how to turn this drive into a thriving business. She’s made it her mission to help as many women as possible find their way to success.

Sophia says, “Once you have clarity and understand your value, there’s no stopping you. The hard part is taking the right action and steps forward. Many people get caught in the planning stages, or work on things that aren’t relevant to making a difference & making money. They focus on little details, because they then feel like they’re doing something. Unfortunately, focusing on the wrong details can leave you paddling in water with nowhere to go. You have to follow an effective roadmap if you want to reach your goal destination.”

One thing she emphasizes is that you don’t have to get things perfect on your first try, or even your fifth or sixth try. If you’re making efforts to build momentum and trying, you’re bound to learn and grow from those experiences. Nobody is going to start your business or turn your dreams into reality for you. Having a mentor, somebody who has gone where you want to go and helps you learn from their expertise, means you’ll reach your goal faster because you can learn from their past successes, failures and accumulated knowledge.

Her goal is to be available to all women globally at all points of their journey. There’s no slowing down this “Queen” of business courses. And she’s ready to help you become a Queen in your own right, which she says is about going after the things you want, doing the work to live your dreams, and making an impact. She says fulfillment comes from doing work that helps serve other people.

If you’d like to learn more about Sophia Rising, and Sophia Rising’s course, you can find her group and free community with like-minded women, along with free training on Facebook. You can also find her profile on Instagram here. 

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