Here’s where women are starting businesses and closing the earning gap

  • A new report by small business financial marketplace Fundera ranked the top 15 US cities for women business owners. 
  • Several of the best places for women who want to start and grow businesses are located in the western and southern US,
  • Seattle, Orlando, and Scottsdale ranked high on the list, offering female founders strong networks, low earnings gaps, and high-skilled workforces. 
  • However, not every city is paradise. Some have high housing costs that make them unattainable to most. 
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Women who want to start and grow successful businesses may have better luck in western and southern cities like Seattle, Orlando, and Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Those cities have a strong network of women business owners, low earnings gaps, and high-skilled workforces, according to a new report by small business financial marketplace Fundera. 

Fundera’s report was released mid-August and ranked the top 15 cities for women entrepreneurs. To compile the report, the financial marketplace compared the percent of self-employed business owners who are women, percent of women who are employed in their own business, earning gaps between male and female business owners, housing cost as a percent of earnings for female entrepreneurs, percent of residents with a bachelor’s degree (denoting high-skilled workforce), job growth, and tax rates.

While the share of women-owned businesses has grown in the last 50 years — jumping from 4.6% in 1972 to 42% in 2019, according to American Express — female entrepreneurs still face hurdles like access to funding. 

Here are the 15 cities where women are getting the support necessary to grow successful companies. 

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