Google My Business Management: Effective Ways To Boost Your Brand

Google My Business Management: Effective Ways To Boost Your Brand

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When people search for a product or a service nearby, they tend to look for assistance or want to complete the purchase. Google My Business (GMB) is an essential tool for helping businesses get more local leads in the digital landscape. Stas Pamintuan, junior SEO executive at Digital Ethos, considers how marketers can make better use of GMB.

GMB is a free local business listing service powered by Google, with the only requirement a form of face-to-face interaction with customers. Marketers can list the service they provide and post business updates, as well as receive and respond to customer reviews.

But what makes Google My Business management so effective? And how can marketers use the tool to strengthen their business on search results?

Content distribution in Google My Business management

We are all content marketers in some shape or form – but we often fail to acknowledge that a large part of our responsibility is to ensure our target audience is actually exposed to the content we produce. By regularly updating your Google My Business listing, it can become a channel to share current content and relay business updates online, such as business events or special conferences, to get traction.

Effective Google My Business management entails posting locally-focused content.

Do you need a Google My Business listing?

The benefits of Google My Business management go beyond acquiring views and clicks on your latest content.

Regularly posting earns marketers a coveted spot in the local three-pack; the top three business listings for relevant search terms. This placement is a valid reason to add a new post at least weekly. The listing service helps digital marketers get views on their content without having to wait for Google to rank it in the top 10 search engine results.

The majority of actions may be in click form, but unless your listing is optimized, you could be missing out on phone calls or in-store visits. Consider measuring conversions such as clicks through to website and requests for directions or phone calls, which you can find on GMB Insights.

GMB posts signal to Google that your business is the right one to display for related local searches. But they also need to show potential customers what’s new with your business at exactly the time they’re looking for it.

Does it contribute to SEO?

GMB contributes to SEO at least locally. A verified Google My Business listing stands a better chance of being in the local three-pack and prioritizing your presence on search results to indirectly help your website rank.

It provides signals to Google, drives traffic to your website and provides social proof in the form of reviews. Local search results are based on “relevance, distance and prominence.”

  • Relevance: how well a listing matches the intent of the searcher

  • Distance: Google pairs searchers with verified businesses in close proximity

  • Prominence: how well-known your business is

Examples of effective Google My Business management

Share offers and special deals

Remember the intent of the person viewing your listing; it’s most likely to be transactional. Take a more direct sales approach: specials, offers or whatever else sets your business apart from your competitors, make sure to share it.

Don’t be shy – experiment and figure out what works for your listing.

Post supportive content

By attracting customers by location, focus on describing the experience you want them to have when they arrive. Maybe list videos, photos or even team member introductions; these can be great encouragements for in-store visitors.

Allow potential customers to see the business for what makes it successful on Google My Business; accurately reflect what their visit in real life would be like.

Maintain an accurate, complete listing

Before updating content, ensure your GMB listing contains an accurate address, business overviews, telephone number, business hours and product/service details.

Avoid misinformation hiccups; it might seem basic, but you’d be surprised by the number of businesses that neglect these details. Google is all about the details.

Answer questions and reviews

Check questions asked by potential customers about your business. Answer them in a blog post shared on your listing to earn consumer trust.

Google My Business management and reviews effectively represent customers’ confirmation that your business is real and that it’s reputable, especially when you take the time to respond to them, whether they’re positive or negative.

A prompt, empathetic and helpful response to negative reviews is sometimes more valuable than a positive one. We all make mistakes; great customer service is vital. Consumers appreciate businesses that are willing to accept and fix issues.

Make it media-rich

Making your listing media-rich is quite an underrated aspect in Google My Business management. Invest in a Google-certified 360 virtual tour professional that uses images of your store to improve your customer’s experience with your brand. Consider:

  • Including photos of your work or featuring products

  • Sharing projects you are proud of that have garnered special recognition

  • Using images of your shop, office or business as the cover image

Google My Business management with Digital Ethos

Google My Business management can maximize your business’ local presence. Digital Ethos understands that local SEO is an ongoing process – our experts can help with getting the best practices for your business. Contact us today to get suitably placed on search engines.

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