Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia Become Strategic Investors in Acorns, New Acorns Early Families to Receive $7 Bucks Investment

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Acorns, the country’s fastest growing financial wellness system helping over 8 million Americans save and invest for the future, announced that Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia have become strategic investors in Acorns. Acorns also announced, “It begins with $7 bucks,” an exciting partnership with Johnson featuring several programs that encourage families to start early and invest in the next generation. To kick off “It begins with $7 bucks,” each new Acorns Early family will receive $7 bucks invested into their Acorns Early account. 

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Johnson and Garcia are co-founders of Seven Bucks Companies, a multiplatform enterprise founded with the mentality that success comes through passion and hard work. In 1995 at just 22 years old, Johnson had been cut from the Canadian Football League and had just $7 bucks in his pocket. It was in this pivotal moment he decided to chart his own course, and by putting in the work with his own two hands, Johnson has become a global entertainment icon, entrepreneurial force and co-founder of Seven Bucks Companies. The daughter of self-made Cuban immigrants, Garcia similarly developed an appreciation for forward-thinking business philosophy, having seen her father work multiple jobs to provide for the family. Working diligently since the age of 12, Garcia’s unmatched drive brought her to the helm of the financial sector. Launching an early expansive career as an executive at Merrill Lynch, she honed her knowledge of financial tools, before founding her own private wealth management firm. Alongside her role as co-founder of Seven Bucks Companies, Garcia is now the founder, CEO, and Chairwoman of The Garcia Companies, and TGC Management, where she oversees a vast portfolio and utilizes her keen expertise to spearhead and foster growth for brands.

Johnson and Garcia invested in Acorns to further their shared values of self-reliance, work ethic and commitment to preparing for even the toughest of times, with the hopes of inspiring Americans to shape their future by investing in themselves.

“Especially this year, there are numerous people feeling as I did when I was jobless with just $7 dollars in my pocket; anxious and uncertain about my life and future. Those $7 bucks represented a defining moment that changed my life,” says Dwayne Johnson. “By investing in Acorns and helping every family who opens an Acorns Early account receive a $7 bucks investment, I hope to inspire people to take responsibility of their financial future, regardless of background or current situation. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how small you start. Together with Acorns, we can strive to make saving for the next generation a reality for everyone.”

Knowing first-hand the impact $7 bucks can make on someone’s future, Johnson and Acorns pledge to help families “begin with $7 bucks” by investing $7 bucks into every single family who opens an account with Acorns Early, a new and simple tool to help families of all backgrounds automatically invest in their child’s future, today until September 7.

“Acorns is an incredible financial organization deeply rooted in its commitment to impact and empower the lives of consumers,” says Garcia. “The seasoned team of executives, fostered by shared principles of self-investment and service, is passionate about making financial knowledge and security accessible to all – it’s a thrill to partner with the team and add my expertise to advancing their long-term strategies and mission.”

“Acorns was founded on the power of humble beginnings,” says Noah Kerner, Acorns CEO. “We are excited to partner with Dwayne and Dany to encourage more Americans to start investing early cause the sooner you start, the more that money can grow!”

If you begin with just $7 bucks a week for a child from birth, considering an average 8% annual return, they could have over $807,986 by the time they’re 65, making a financially secure retirement not just a dream, rather an attainable reality. Learn how it begins with $7 bucks, log on to Acorns.com today.

About Acorns:
Acorns is the country’s fastest-growing financial wellness system and has helped over 8M Americans save and invest for a better future. Its easy-to-use, mobile-first technology makes it simple for anyone to set aside and invest life’s spare money. Acorns allows customers to automatically invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds offered by some of the world’s top asset managers (including Vanguard and BlackRock). Customers grow their wealth in one of five portfolios constructed with help from world-renowned Nobel laureate economist Dr. Harry Markowitz. Acorns’ smart portfolio algorithms automatically work in the background of life, helping users build wealth naturally, pennies at a time. Acorns financial wellness system now includes all-in-one investing, retirement, and checking accounts for all ages, Smart Deposit, personalized insurance options, and tools to earn more money. From Acorns mighty oaks do grow.

Acorns is accessed simply and easily via the app for iPhone, Android or desktop.

Visit Acorns.com for more.

About Dwayne Johnson:
As CEO of Seven Bucks Companies, Dwayne Johnson is a global entertainment and entrepreneurial force who continues to grow his groundbreaking success while managing his ever-expanding and diverse entertainment portfolio. In 1995, Johnson had just been cut from the Canadian Football League and famously had just $7 in his pocket. Today, Johnson produces and stars in Seven Bucks’ tent-pole films and television events with box office revenues exceeding $10 billion worldwide. A cultural leader with audiences across the globe, Johnson’s expertise is invaluable not just in entertainment, but for first-class brands as well, including his strategic partnership and investment in VOSS Water, his trailblazing Project Rock collection with Under Armour and new investment in Acorns. In 2020, Johnson launched TEREMANA, a tequila brand rooted from his passion for spirits as well as Athleticon, a one-of-a-kind virtual experience and inaugural live event with the ultimate combination of athletics, wellness and entertainment, created in partnership with Dany Garcia. Most recently, Johnson announced his acquisition of the XFL alongside Garcia and RedBird Capital. Johnson’s mission is to continue using his platform to inspire kindness, humility, and hard work, while entertaining global audiences with unique storytelling and authenticity.

About Dany Garcia:
As Founder, Chairwoman and CEO of The Garcia Companies and TGC Management and Co-Founder of Seven Bucks Companies, Dany Garcia is the visionary architect of some of the most successful enterprises, brands and talent. Her immersive global approach within ever-changing landscapes paired with precise instincts have led to unprecedented box office success and innovative business partnerships across verticals. With unbridled athleticism as a professional bodybuilder, Garcia also flawlessly pioneers her expansive enterprise while competing at the highest level. Her global audience can expect trailblazing initiatives throughout 2020 and beyond, as Garcia continues to keep human needs and experience at the forefront of her endeavors across the spaces of mental and physical wellness, athletics, entertainment, spirits, finance and more. In 2019, Garcia, in partnership with Dwayne Johnson, announced one of their most ambitious endeavors to date – Athleticon, a first-of-its-kind community-driven virtual experience. The inaugural, eponymous counterpart, an immersive event experience celebrating the very best in athletics, wellness and entertainment will take place in October 2021 in Atlanta. Most recently, Garcia announced her acquisition of the XFL alongside Johnson and RedBird Capital, making her the first female owner of a major professional sports league. Garcia’s passion for bettering the world through socially responsible decisions is consistently reflected in the culture of her teams and the businesses she builds.

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