Dairy farmers can’t wait any longer for help to stay in business

After dairy farming for several years in Drums, Pennsylvania (Luzerne County) our family moved to a dairy farm in Berwick, PA (Columbia County). At first we used the existing buildings, but later constructed a large loose housing operation with a modern milking parlor.

We also purchased additional land in order to raise sufficient feed for our animals. With two brothers and two sisters heavily involved with their dairy operation, we thought we had it made.

In 1991, brother Matt and our dad went to a dairy meeting at the Berwick High conducted by the Progressive Agriculture Organization. Officials of Pro-Ag pointed out what could happen to our milk prices if something wasn’t done about the pricing formula.

With an ever-increasing number of grandchildren joining our farm operation, we made increases in milk production, but we always maintained a true family farm operation. We thought we were doing alright, but we experienced tragedies, like other farmers have gone through.

Unfortunately what Pro-Ag predicted in the 90s has caught up with most of our dairy farmers, especially the family farms. Many dairy farms have been forced out of business. If our remaining dairy farmers are going to survive, we must get behind the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act.

Dairy farmers can wait no longer. We urge everyone to get behind this proposed national bill.

Elaine Broyan, Faihopity Farms; Berwick, Pa.


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