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The internet of things involves the use of devices and sensors to send data across a network. This allows for benefits like predictive maintenance, use of artificial intelligence and the leveraging of remote medicine. And so what about internet of things stocks? Well, there are a variety available. But before looking at them, let’s consider some of the trends in the industry.

First of all, the internet of things category is expected to see substantial growth. According to IDC, the number of connected devices is forecast to reach a staggering 41.6 billion by 2025 and the amount of data processed will be 79.4 zettabytes. Note that one zettabyte is about 1 trillion hours of Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) streaming.

Applications like video surveillance will be a big part of the growth of the internet of things. But of course, there

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  • An executive summary should highlight all the key points of your business plan in less than two pages.
  • Write your business plan before writing your executive summary.
  • If you use an executive summary template, be sure to tailor it to fit with your business plan.
  • This article is for entrepreneurs and startups that are writing a business plan, such as to attract investors, and need to know how to write the executive summary section.

Every new and existing business should have a business plan that clearly outlines the details and goals of its organization, and perhaps the most important part of that business plan is the executive summary.

An executive summary is more than just a simple introduction to your business plan. It is sometimes the only part of your business plan that your intended audience will read, so it needs to

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With 1 in 2 marriages these days ending in divorce, the distribution of assets becomes a stressful and challenging ordeal. Things get even more complicated if a business is involved. 

Whether you’re a majority shareholder, a member of a board or a CEO, there are things you can do in advance to ensure the dissolution of your marriage doesn’t disrupt your earnings or your organization.

What are the impacts?


Divorces are messy. Aside from the custody of children, the financial implications are the most daunting. Even if the dissolution of the marriage is uncontested, there may still be a claim on everything in your name.

There’s one massive reason for this: marital property. Defined as “all income and assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage,” it includes money in a savings account, stocks and bonds, and other assets.

Community property or equitable distribution

How much is actually at

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Perfectionism has gotten many leaders to where they are today. Without the drive to be the best at what they do, many of today’s most successful businesses wouldn’t exist in their current form. But being too focused on perfection can have negative effects on a business and its leader.

We asked 15 members of Forbes Business Council how an entrepreneur can overcome an obsession with perfecting every little detail of their business. Here’s how they recommend letting go of a tendency toward perfectionism.

1. Find Enjoyment In The Challenge

You actually do need to be perfecting every part of a business. Recognize that you live in excellence every day by doing so. Make it a sport and enjoy it so that it’s not pressure, but

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Do you plan on:

  • Purchasing new equipment or software?
  • Implementing a project to reengineer a critical process?
  • Justifying the expansion of the department?

Before undertaking a major expense or transformation, a leader needs to get approval from their senior management. An effective technique is to draft a clear business case that clarifies the costs and benefits to the company and their customers. For most endeavors, a business case includes the following 8 points:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Impact Statement
  4. Proposed Solutions
  5. Basic Project Plan
  6. Costs
  7. Benefits
  8. Restated Summary

The Executive Summary is an abridged version of the overall business case. This section includes a statement of the problem, the issues addressed, the suggested solution, costs vs. benefits, and next steps. If possible, the Executive Summary should be one-page, and two pages at most. Most senior leaders are pressed for time, and want information presented in a succinct manner.

Although it’s

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Founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks, mother to six young children, and international keynote speaker; “How does she do it all” comes to mind when you meet Emma Isaacs.

Now with her debut book, Winging It, hitting the bookshelves today in the United States, I chatted with Emma to learn more about her passion for inspiring and creating community for women worldwide to live bold lives both professionally and personally.

Kate Talbot: Tell me why you love being an entrepreneur?

Emma Isaacs: I’m a career entrepreneur. Running my own businesses has meant that I’ve always had to hustle and be creative. When you are only reliant on yourself, it forces you into innovation and makes you work that little bit harder to make sure you’re paying all your bills.

I had no experience at the start of

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When Congress last pushed for comprehensive climate legislation a decade ago, much of corporate America was either neutral or hostile.

In a sign of how much corporate attitudes have changed, the Business Roundtable, one of the country’s most prominent business groups, is throwing its support behind broad-based measures to slash greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In a statement of principles released Wednesday, the Business Roundtable said it “supports a goal of reducing net U.S. GHG emissions by at least 80% from 2005 levels by 2050.” To achieve that, it endorses putting a price on carbon. It didn’t say whether that should be through a carbon tax or a system of tradable emissions permits.

The content of the principles doesn’t break new ground—many big companies long ago embraced equally or more aggressive goals. The U.S. targeted reducing emissions 80% by 2050 when it joined the international Paris climate accord in 2016.


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(Bloomberg) — Credit Suisse Group AG is laying off about 20 people in the Middle East as it restructures wealth management activities in the region, according to people familiar with the matter.

a living room: Credit Suisse Group AG Ahead Of First Virus-Era Results

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Credit Suisse Group AG Ahead Of First Virus-Era Results

The job cuts — focused on Dubai — follow the decision to incorporate the business that deals with non-resident Indian and Africa clients under Middle East head Bruno Daher, the people said, asking not to be identified because the plans are private. Raj Sehgal, former head of that unit, is now the chairman of NRI and Africa.


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“We are committed to the non-resident Indian segment, and in order to further accelerate growth, we are bringing the operations in the broader Middle East and Africa region under one single leadership,” a bank spokeswoman said in an emailed statement. She declined to comment on the job cuts.

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When you start a business, one of the first questions you ask yourself is if you should be doing this alone or if you need help. This decision determines whether your company is a solopreneurship or a partnership. Some entrepreneurs work better by themselves, but others realize the benefit of having a partner.

In some operations, it’s beneficial to have someone you can rely on to share the burden. In the most fortunate cases, you and your partners complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring a better success rate for your business. In other cases, a partner could muddy decision making or over-complicate a simple business. To help business leaders who are still on the fence, eight experts from Young Entrepreneur Council examine the important factors to explore when deciding whether to take on a business partner.

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  • Business Roundtable, a lobbying group of CEOS from some of the largest US companies, announced its support on Wednesday for market-based carbon pricing in efforts to combat climate change.
  • The group says it will stand behind initiatives to cut down US greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 2005 levels by the year 2050.
  • This is a new position for the group, which represents companies like, American Airlines, and Chevron, and was divided on the same issue in the past.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The Business Roundtable, a grouping of CEOs from some of the biggest US companies, announced on Wednesday it supports market-based carbon pricing to fight climate change, a shift from the past when the group was divided on the issue.

The lobbying group, representing over 200 major US corporations ranging for to Chevron, said it supported slashing US greenhouse gas

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