Lae small medium entrepreneurs (SME) incubator hub a project initiated by a local consulting firm is progressing well assisting in the growth of SMEs in the city.

The hub, endorsed by Lae City Authority (LCA) and Lae MP John Rosso and operated by the dedicated team from Tok Stret Consulting Limited (TSCL), continues to provide technical expertise to SMEs in the city.

Owner and manager of TSCL Julliane Terry said the SME incubator hub project launched in July this year creates a hub where local micro SME and SMEs can share ideas and grow.

Its purpose is to get people to meet and talk about their business ideas and teach them management skills, how to develop an idea in a business, and to get established organizations to talk about the services provided and how these services can be of importance to the MSMEs and

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GoDaddy teams up with Canadian Olympic Athlete Andre De Grasse to showcase Canadian small businesses

TORONTO, Oct 13, 2020 /CNW/ – GoDaddy, the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, today announced its new marketing campaign profiling the inspirational stories of Canadian small business owners.

The campaign showcases how easy it is for small business owners to create an online presence with GoDaddy Websites + Marketing. For the campaign, GoDaddy partnered with real Canadian small business owners and customers to highlight their stories of success, showcased by Canadian Olympic athlete Andre De Grasse.

GoDaddy has always supported small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing them the tools and help they need to succeed online. This campaign speaks directly to the everyday entrepreneur and demonstrates how creating a website can help their ventures grow and succeed. GoDaddy Websites + Marketing pairs an easy-to-use website builder with a suite of marketing tools

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As soon as your day job ends, it’s time for your passion project.  

Side hustles have moved from being fun projects to a major source of income for many during Covid-19 and stay-at-home orders. So while your freelance gig, Etsy craft store or personal blog may bring in some extra cash flow, it doesn’t have to stop there. A recent survey  revealed that 54% of respondents planned on starting a “side hustle” due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with some seeing success they never thought possible within their nine-to-five jobs. 

One-off-job-related sites such as Upwork have seen a 50% increase in registration volume across many categories, including technology-related jobs, according to data from the end of March and April. 

If you’re a graphic designer, blogger, social media manager, or even dog walker, multiple projects can easily turn into long-term gigs if you start to take your side hustle seriously. Here

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The Fast Company Impact Council, an invitation-only group of corporate leaders, entrepreneurial founders, and other leaders from across industries, gathered on June 30 to share their insights.

In this roundtable discussion, led by multimedia editor KC Ifeanyi, top executives discussed what the future of media might look like amid the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic and global protests against racial injustice.

Participants in this session, in alphabetical order, were Christa Carone, president of CSM Sport and Entertainment; Alan Fleischmann, founder, chairman, and CEO of Laurel Strategies; Sarah Harden, CEO of Hello Sunshine; Michael Hermann, president and CEO of Wicked Cow Studios; Gigi Pritzker, cofounder and CEO of Madison Wells Media; and Samantha Skey, CEO of She Media.

Alan Fleischmann: I think the new normal is this. In some ways, I do Zooms from dawn to dusk. We probably all do. I’ve been dreaming of being in a different chair at

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In 1995, I was a cub reporter at The Wall Street Journal covering small businesses and venture capital. I thought it was the best job in journalism, writing about entrepreneurs and their backers, but my work wasn’t exactly front-page stuff. The Journal, like the corporate leaders and investors it served, valued news about the public markets, scoops on companies such as General Electric and AT&T, and profiles of star CEOs who maximized profits for their shareholders.

The cover of Fast Company’s debut issue, in 1995, established the New Rules of Business.

That same year, editors Bill Taylor and Alan Webber, entrepreneurs in their own right, unveiled a new magazine with a thoroughly different view of capitalism. “We want to shape the conversation about business at its best and the real meaning of success,” they wrote in the premiere issue of Fast Company, published 25 years ago this month.

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A few weeks after the COVID-19 related disruptions began, small businesses bore the brunt almost instantly. Many saw the sharpest falls in sales and near-negligible cash flows. “I know of many small businesses who have piles of unsold inventory. Even though the economy has opened up, people still aren’t buying,” says Krithika Ramesh, a lifestyle blogger who works closely with small businesses.

People who lost their jobs have also started small businesses to sustain themselves, even as many others were forced to shut shop. All this has made it more important than ever before to drive the discussion to support small businesses .

In June, actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas took to social media to share profiles of small businesses run by inspiring women. In a video she asked her fans to follow these small businesses and, if possible, buy from them. She said this was a small step to lend

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But what about small businesses? What about a single boss with a handful of staff who had to completely change the way they do business virtually overnight? If their business never worked remotely before, how do they find the answers to these challenges?

They slashed costs wherever they could, including renegotiating leases on their now-unused office spaces.

Like other small businesses, Sylvain Labs had their clients to think of, though founder Alain Sylvain suggests placing your staff as the first priority and keeping them engaged through what he calls “shared involvement.” This involves increasing your employee’s involvement in your decision making during this “no-rulebook” pandemic.

Small business owners can start this process by having a frank and open video call with each of their team members individually about the challenges the pandemic is causing them, what they are currently planning to do about it, and invite their team to be

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — October 12th 2020 – Houston McMiller at Business Credit America, Inc. has over two decades of experience helping entrepreneurs find ways of funding their business. He has advised a range of clients from individual freelancers to small start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. His expert advice on business loans, personal loans and business credit cards has helped thousands of individuals make their business aspirations become reality and find the funds they need to thrive. He also offers specialist tips and tricks on how to increase credit scores, and how to repair bad credit.

Houston’s popular eBook Insider Bank Secrets has been cited by major news associates such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, so you can rest assured that he has the knowledge and skills to help your credit and boost your business. The book reveals detailed blueprints on how small businesses

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In times of crisis, companies and management tend to be judged by metrics other than the normal key performance indicators.

A case in point is Quixant, which makes hardware, software and display technologies used predominantly by the gaming, broadcast and healthcare sectors.

Its recent interims, hailed by ‘house’ broker, finnCap, as ‘beating the odds’, revealed how management, led by Jon Jayal, was able to navigate some potentially treacherous markets as coronavirus began its deadly global spread in early 2020.

What stood out was not the modest loss, but Quixant’s ability to manage its financial reserves, which were $17.4million as at September 28, 2020, up from just over $16million at the end of last year. It also has $12.4million of undrawn borrowing facilities.

a person sitting at a desk in front of a store: Revenues for the gaming operation halved as casinos from Macau to Vegas shuttered

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Revenues for the gaming operation halved as casinos from Macau to Vegas shuttered


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Sponsored content: Kenyan women enrolled with the BOMA Project have turned to making face masks for income as livestock markets are shut down

Three women in Samburu County, northwestern Kenya, started a tailoring business to diversify their income streams and increase their resilience to the impacts of both coronavirus and the climate crisis.

Like many pastoralists in Northern Kenya, these women traditionally depend on livestock markets to make a living, but the government closed them down after the outbreak of Covid-19. To adapt, the group invested in a second-hand sewing machine and are now making face masks, which they are selling across the region.

In pivoting to the new face mask business, the women have increased their resilience to both Covid-19 and the climate crisis – they are now able to make an income without waiting for the government to reopen the livestock markets, and they are less dependent on

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