Australia is the best country to move after the pandemic

From the sunny weather to the iconic Sydney Opera House and plenty of beaches to visit, Australia is the best place for Americans to move to next.

Business Insider recently ranked the best democratic countries to move to after the pandemic based on five metrics, including weather and how expensive it can be to live there. You can read more about our method and data sources here. Based on our metrics, we found Australia to be the best place for Americans to move to next.

The country score ranked number one out of the 76 countries listed as democratic by the Economist Intelligence Unit partly due to its ideal average annual temperature and overall friendliness to immigrants based on a Gallup survey.

Additionally, the country has ranked near the top of other country rankings including the US News & World Report’s annual country ranking, where it took the fifth highest spot. Three Australian cities also made the top 10 most livable cities from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index in 2019. It also took the sixth spot in the United Nations’ Human Development Index of 2019.

Australia was also one of the countries that had a successful plan to keep the coronavirus under control early on during the outbreak as seen in its decline throughout April until June per daily data reports from John Hopkins University. However, the country just saw its deadliest day yet per reporting from Reuters. This comes after Melbourne, the second-largest city in the country, has had an increase in coronavirus cases. Melbourne is now under strict lockdown to help stop the spread.

Read on to learn more about why Australia took the top spot on our list and on which metrics it fell short.

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