Accelerating Business Development, WeTrade Group Inc. Established the Second Headquarter

BEIJING, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — WeTrade Group Inc. (US: WETG) (“WeTrade Group” or “the Company”), a SaaS company providing technical services and solutions to membership-based social e-commerce, launched its second headquarter establishment event in Yanliang District, Xi’an, China. During the signing ceremony, the governmental representatives of Yanliang District introduced the regional future development strategy and issued the business license to WeTrade Group.

WeTrade Group Inc. settle in Yan Liang, Xi’an,China

The rapid development of the new generation of information technology has brought about profound lifestyle and production changes and has injected strong innovative energy into economic and social prosperity. The outbreak of COVID19 has caused drastic changes in China’s industrial chain, supply chain, capital chain and consumption chain, giving rise to many new demands and new models. At present, governments from all over China are actively promoting the economic and social digital transformation, focusing on establishing more concentrated industrial regions, providing more abundant application scenarios and building more intelligent consumption platforms.

The aviation industry is a significant foundation of national defense security and also an important symbol of science and technology level. As a national aviation industrial zone, Yanliang District owns advanced technology in aviation industry and this is a famous aviation region that integrates aircraft design, manufacturing, appraisal, flight test, teaching and research. The adding value of this place has a great importance for China’s development. In addition, WeTrade Group provides technical services and solutions as a listed SaaS business to support micro-business online stores and social e-commerce platforms. Through big-data, social recommendation relationships and multi-channel APP data statistics, the company developed a social e-commerce revenue management system in 2019. The main functions of the system are user marketing relationship implementation, CPS commission profit management, multi-channel APP data statistics, etc.

The establishment relies on the background of Internet + 5G technology and the advantages of WeTrade Group in social e-commerce technical services. Government and WeTrade Group share the same vision to further introduce the emerging industries and digital development technology to Yanliang District and boost the transformation of traditional industry and agricultural economy, creating more job opportunities for local residents.

The spokesman of Yanliang District welcomed the headquarter establishment of WeTrade Group, which is also an essential result of regional investment. As an aviation base and a historical city, Yanliang District becomes a popular investment region with the western regions policy of China. Yanliang District also looks forward to promoting the development of all divisions, motivating the market and releasing the economic potential.

Mr. Zheng Dai, Founder and CTO of WeTrade Group mentioned that the new headquarter represents a new development era for the company. WeTrade Group will spare no effort to exert energies for the development of Yanliang District and China’s aviation industry. In the near future, the company will seek for more cooperation and opportunities to introduce its advantageous business to Yanliang District, including e-commerce service, payment center and MCN, to empower Yanliang District to better establish a western regional digital industrial zone.

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WeTrade Group Inc. provides technical services and solutions based on membership-based social e-commerce. Through big-data, social recommendation relationships, multi-channel App data statistics, etc., the Company developed a social e-commerce revenue management system, The main functions of the system are user marketing relationship implementation, CPS commission profit management, multi-channel app data statistics, etc. the system has been applied in the retail, tourism, hospitality and beauty industries, focusing on 100 million micro-business users in China. WeTrade conducts its business operations in mainland China and trial-operations in Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore etc.

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