5 cheap ways to generate new business

5 cheap ways to generate new business

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Why do clients and customers leave?

They leave for all sorts of reasons – maybe they don’t need you anymore, or they found what you do somewhere else that is more convenient or cheaper or better, or they moved, or whatever. Working on your business – as opposed to in your business –  means that it is not a crisis when a customer inevitably leaves.

You can find new customers by featuring the ones you have now on your website, social media and newsletter. And reward your existing customers when they refer new ones.

We’ve also got four more ways to grow your business without breaking the bank.  

Small business:  6 surefire ways to lose customers

1. Tap into the power of testimonials

Happy customers can be one of a small business’ best marketing tools. A testimonial impresses potential customers because it is independent third-party validation that a business really is as good as it says it is.

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