5 Best Stories on Real Money: Apple, Telsa, and the Fed

It’s perhaps one of the biggest market debates of our time: Should Telsa  (TSLA) – Get Report and Apple  (AAPL) – Get Report be this high? 

These heavyweights and their elite FAANG tech buddies on Nasdaq have kept the indexes rising while many others have lagged. 

So what’s going on? 

Find out on Real Money/Real Money Pro where Jim Cramer explains why AAPL and TLSA are nearing the stratosphere and technical analyst Helene Meisler explains what happens when only a few mega-cap names carry the brunt of the market (remember the Nifty 50, anyone?).

For those columns as well as a preview of the Fed’s Jackson Hole conference, the investing math of compounding, and why — come on now — it’s really just one stock, Apple, that is carrying us, check out these stories:

Cramer: Here’s Why Apple and Tesla Are So High

Witness what’s so amazing — that everything that could have gone right for these two companies pretty much has gone right. Still, the notion, on the eve of a stock split, about how Apple now sports a $2 trillion valuation, is disturbing many people. Same goes for Tesla.

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