5 Best Books for Young Investors Around the World

Table of Contents

One should start the journey of investing at a young age. Whether you are already experienced in investing or you are just starting, there is a need for you to invest wisely and some of the best practices that yield good investments can be found in books.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard copy or a pdf, as long as it’s a book, it will help you take great steps as a young investor. One also has to research before investing and luminablog.co.uk gives reviews of companies in which you may be interested to invest.


As a beginner, the following will serve as a guide:


1.  Thinking, Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman

The writer of this awesome book gives young investors especially those who just started tips on how to overcome the mistakes made by beginners especially in stock trading including online stock trading.


This book also helps young investors to know the difference between different stocks and also when they are the best options to invest in. It also gives the reader the strategies that each stock requires thereby preventing young investors from making a lot of mistakes.


2.  Rich Dad  Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

This book is a must-read for every beginner in the investment space. It shows you the importance of financial education/literacy towards making investments. It gives essential financial advice through stories and illustrations which makes it even easy to read. It stresses the importance of accounting and accountability as an investor who is just starting.


3.  Broke Millennial By Erin Lowry

This book goes at length to show young investors the importance of managing their finances and spending habits. It points out how you can minimize how you spend and also it gives you great tips on how to go about your investments. It shows you what you need to do to become a successful investor which some books may not show you.


4.  The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

This great book is one of the essential books a young investor has to read because it offers a kind of advice which you may not see in some other books.


This book shows you how to make crucial investment decisions without making any mistakes. It stresses how a diversified portfolio is good and also shows you a low-risk portfolio you can develop.


5.  One Up on Wall Street By Peter Lynch

It goes ahead to show you top investment secrets and opportunities for amateurs and beginners. It also unfolds how to find investments that will appreciate very much in the nearest future and this book will help you a lot if you are just starting.



As a beginner in the investment space, you need to take the right steps for you to succeed. Reading a lot of books as a young investor has proved to be a good step to take because it will save you from a lot of mistakes. The books that are listed above will serve as guides for young investors.