• We asked five CEOs, at companies including Skillshare and Hired, why they decided to get rid of their office space.
  • The CEOs said their employees want greater flexibility — and there are better ways to spend money than on rent.
  • Some companies are ramping up hiring or giving employees stipends to set up their home offices.
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Rent is expensive. And potentially unnecessary.

Since March, offices around the world have been eerily silent, as the folks who normally fill them have been isolating from the coronavirus at home. Many employers have responded by cutting their real-estate costs.

A Reuters analysis of quarterly earnings calls during a week in July found that more than 25 large companies intend to downsize their office space in the coming year. Business Insider’s Daniel Geiger reported that a growing number of employers — including Macy’s and Yelp — are

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By Howard Schneider and Megan Davies

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House’s sudden exit from fiscal stimulus talks with Democrats in Congress has added another level of doubt to a U.S. economic recovery that already seemed to be weakening, choking off perhaps $1.5 trillion or more in future income and spending.

Even the most bullish policymakers and forecasters had penciled in more government aid to keep households and businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic afloat through the end of the year. That money would bolster retail spending, rent payments and mortgages and whittle away at the 11 million lost jobs that have not yet been recouped.

Without it, the United States faces another roughly 5% hole in annual economic output.

Still, those assumptions evaporated on Tuesday after President Donald Trump announced his administration was ending the stimulus talks with U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with the two sides

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Global online music streaming revenues declined 2% QoQ but grew 13% YoY in Q2 2020 at $6.7 billion, according to the latest Counterpoint Research findings. This is the first-ever QoQ decline in terms of revenues as music streaming has been gaining strength with every passing quarter. Paid subscriptions grew 29% YoY compared to 35% YoY in the Q1.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201007005474/en/

Global Music Streaming Paid Subscriptions by Brand Share (in %) – Q2 2020 (Photo: Business Wire)

Research Analyst Abhilash Kumar said, “The growth slowed down in Q2 and, for the first time, the revenues declined sequentially. There are a couple of reasons for the same. The music streaming platforms offered discounts and lowered prices for paid subscriptions to retain consumers

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  • Expedia sought PR help to repair its reputation after hundreds of thousands of customers called for refunds for their cancelled trips during the pandemic, according to an RFP obtained by Business Insider.
  • Confusion over its cancellation and refund policies damaged customers’ trust in Expedia, according to the brief.
  • The brief called for using PR and social media to win back customer trust and confidence in the company, whose revenue fell 82% in the second quarter.
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The coronavirus outbreak devastated the travel industry and put Expedia in a bind as hundreds of thousands of customers tried to get refunds for their cancelled trips or change their bookings.

Expedia sought to hire a public relations firm to repair its relationship with customers, according to a request for proposal obtained by Business Insider. The RFP, which was issued in the spring, states that Expedia saw “5-7

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MACUNGIE, Pa. – The current from the mountain stream, an offshoot of the Swabia creek, barely moves through Macungie.

However, Ron Beitler recalls a drastically different scene.

“It’s the street, up the curb. Three and a half feet of water in the basement,” he said.

In August Tropical Storm Isaias dumped up to eight inches of rain across the Lehigh Valley, causing the Macungie stream to overflow into Beitler’s basement.

“It’s just a sinking feeling because there is nothing you can do. You can sit here and monitor it but nothing you can do to mitigate it,” he said.

For Beitler it caused $2,000 worth of damage to his business. It was all out of pocket, as he didn’t have flood insurance.

“I think it rings true for most people on this block. No one has insurance because something like this has never happened before,” said Beitler.

“The damage is

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US authorities fined Citibank $400 million over deficiencies in risk management practices and required an overhaul of internal controls at the global financial powerhouse, officials announced Wednesday.

The US Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued the fine, in parallel with a related action from the Federal Reserve citing failings at the bank.

The Fed said the crackdown reflected the fact Citi had “not taken prompt and effective actions to correct practices previously identified by the Board in the area of compliance risk management, data quality management and internal controls.”

The Fed said the issues date back to 2013, but had not been adequately addressed.

Under the settlement with the OCC, Citi promised to appoint a compliance committee that will provide quarterly updates to the company’s board on actions to improve compliance. Other requirements include upgrades to data collection and a staffing assessment to ensure adequate resources for

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Investors who have spent time in front of their trading terminals exulting in the market rally and those who have seen their stock picks deliver strong returns over the last six months, need to be thankful to foreign portfolio investors (FPIs).

For these investors are the force behind the rebound from the depths recorded in March.

A lot has been written about the manner in which central bank stimulus created surplus liquidity which found its way into stock markets through the FPI route. But what may surprise many is that FPIs have not been pumping money into all emerging markets in an indiscriminate manner.

In fact, they have preferred Indian and Chinese equity during the pandemic, even as they withdrew from many other emerging markets.

The destiny of Indian and Chinese stock markets had been closely entwined in the first decade of the millennium as foreign investors turned gung-ho about

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Dear dudes on military dating apps,

Dating is hard. We all get it. But there are some things you should know before you decide to try your luck in swipe city.

According to your bio, you’re all about God, guns, and country. Cool, cool, cool. Oh, and you’ve felt it important to list your MOS. This, in actuality, means absolutely nothing to just about everyone. Lastly, you top it off with a claim that you enjoy bourbon, and you’d love nothing more than to meet a girl who can pound Jim Beam like water during August in Alabama.

What this really tells me is that your hobbies include being in the military and possessing a profound lack of originality.

And then there are the pictures.

Would it kill you to ask a friend to take a decent photo instead of settling on a grainy selfie in a dimly lit barracks

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  • President Donald Trump in a video Wednesday shared his views on an experimental treatment he received shortly after his COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • The drug, an experimental antibody treatment from drugmaker Regeneron, mimics the body’s own disease-fighting proteins to fight the infection. 
  • The experimental treatment has yet to be approved or given emergency authorization.
  • Trump in the video said he wants the drug to be approved and ‘free,’ adding “I felt good almost immediately.”
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President Donald Trump in a video Wednesday expressed his excitement over the new kind of coronavirus treatment that he received

He said the treatments should be free, and he called on regulators to approve them.

The drugs, known as antibody treatments, are a promising way of helping people infected with the novel coronavirus recover more quickly. 

Trump received Regeneron’s experimental antibody drug cocktail as

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All financials are in Canadian Dollars.

Per my observation and case studies, there are three elements that will make moonshot investments in the microcap universe: quality products/services, competent management, and the inflection point. Thunderbird Entertainment Group is the one that checks all the boxes. I believe it has the potential to 3x the current price within at most 2 years, and the highly unlikely doomsday scenario would only imply a downside of 9%. Therefore, I believe this is a fleeting and compelling investment opportunity.


Thunderbird Entertainment Group develops, produces and distributes film and television programming for the domestic and international markets. The company was created via a reverse-merger with Golden Secret Ventures, a Canadian shell company. The following slide provides a better illustration of the firm’s history than my verbiage.

Source: Investors’ Presentation

Currently, the group has three core divisions: Atomic Cartoons, Great Pacific Media, and Thunderbird Entertainment. I

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