University of California Regent Richard Blum said Saturday he did not intend to unfairly influence the UC admissions process when he wrote what a state audit called an “inappropriate letter of support” to get an uncompetitive student admitted to UC Berkeley.

a group of people standing around a table: UC Regent Richard Blum, second from right, wrote an "inappropriate letter of support" to help a student applicant at UC Berkeley, according to a state audit. (Los Angeles Times)

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UC Regent Richard Blum, second from right, wrote an “inappropriate letter of support” to help a student applicant at UC Berkeley, according to a state audit. (Los Angeles Times)

“It was never my intention to circumvent or unfairly influence the admissions process,” Blum, a San Francisco financier and husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D-Calif.), said in a statement. “I do not intend to write letters of recommendation going forward.”

Blum’s statement came the morning after the California State Auditor’s Office released documents showing that the regent’s favored candidate was admitted from the waitlist after UC Berkeley’s fundraising and admissions office met to discuss which

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  • A widely shared clip on Twitter appears to show a Tesla Model 3 dramatically failing an automatic braking test in China.
  • In the clip, originally posted to the social media site Weibo, a simulated pedestrian on a controlled path is mowed down by the car.
  • In the US, AAA has found major flaws with many automakers’ emergency braking software, including Tesla. 
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Tesla’s automatic braking apparently wasn’t enough to save a simulated pedestrian in China.

Video from social media site Weibo, posted to Twitter this month, shows a stuffed dummy on a track walking in front of a quickly accelerating Model 3. It doesn’t end well for the inanimate walker.


Jalopnik first spotted the video. Tesla didn’t respond to questions about it. 

It’s not clear who organized the event where the clip was taken, but it appears to be

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Owning a home teaches people a lot about homeownership, but it doesn’t necessarily make people real estate experts — although some people might (mistakenly) think they are. That’s good news for real estate investors, who can often swoop in and make a lowball offer on homes sitting on the market unsold. Often, these are good homes that are just not being marketed correctly. If you can spot a house that appears to be overpriced compared with the competition, you might want to sit back and wait for seller frustration — or desperation — to take hold.

Here are six ingredients in the recipe for an unsellable house.

1. Too-high price

If comparable recently sold homes fetched a price significantly lower than a seller is listing their home for, that high-priced home probably won’t sell for the inflated price. If it does, it might take awhile. Why would someone pay more

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BEIJING, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — WeTrade Group Inc. (OTC:WETG), a company providing technical services and solutions to membership-based social e-commerce, recently announced the systemic upgrade of technological services, to improve its matching with the Chinese market.

The newly upgraded technology service system strengthens the customer relationship management through strong tech and big data. The system not only improves client relationship and partnership cooperation, but also realizes crossing and additional sell service to help customers increase the company revenue. The precise marketing service and improved micro business technology service have been called “the Cloud Intelligent Brain of Micro Business” by the entire industry in China.

WeTrade Group Micro-business Cloud Intelligent

In the era of mobile Internet, micro business has witnessed an explosive growth, even hitting the traditional companies and seizing more market share. WeTrade Group utilizes smart tech services for micro business and social e-commerce to maintain user data and management, interact with

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Housing is booming.

Bing Guan/Bloomberg

Politics might be more of a sideshow to the real business of the economy, which is driven primarily by credit. Housing is booming, with sales of existing homes running at an annual rate of 6 million units in August, while new home sales topped the 1 million yearly rate, the highest level since 2006, with sales of both constrained by lack of supply. It’s not just the flight from cities to the suburbs that’s causing the trend, but cheap mortgages, with 30-year conventional fixed-rate loans averaging 2.90%, according to

Freddie Mac,

just a hair above the record low of 2.86% touched earlier in the month.

Speculative-grade corporations also have been feeding at the credit trough. Even before the third quarter ended, junk-bond issuance set a new yearly record, topping 2012’s mark of $329.6 billion this past week, Bloomberg reported. But there are

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By DON THOMPSON, Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The nation’s largest cellphone providers will pay a combined $116 million under a settlement approved Thursday in a California lawsuit alleging that they overcharged government customers for wireless services over more than a decade.

Verizon will pay $68 million and AT&T Mobility $48 million to settle claims that they violated cost-saving agreements included in wireless contracts with state and local governments. Sprint and T-Mobile previously agreed to pay a combined $9.6 million.

Attorneys who filed the suit said it is the second-largest California False Claims Act settlement outside of the health care industry.

The California Attorney General’s Office decided not to sue after its own investigation of the government contracts in California and Nevada, said Verizon spokesman Rich Young, so a whistleblower sued in 2012 using a provision of the act that allows for such independent lawsuits on the state’s behalf.

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Versatile singer, actor and music composer S P Balasubrahmanyam hailed as “singing moon” by his millions of fans was laid to rest at his farm house near here on Saturday with a 24-gun salute by Tamil Nadu police.

After the singer’s son S P Charan performed the funeral rites amid Vedic chants by priests, last post was played by a police band and 24 personnel in ceremonial attire gave a gun salute.

Later, the body with SPB’s glasses on and smeared with ’Thiruneeru’ (sacred ashes) on the forehead and draped in zari dhoti was lowered into a deep pit and buried as chants of “SPB Pugazh Onguga” (Live long SPB’s fame) rent the air.

Flower petals were showered on the body and crystal salt strewn around inside the pit before its closure.

With policemen, their rifles tucked under their arms marching along, the body was brought on a traditional hay

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MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health (DOH) rejected on Saturday a call from some business groups to exempt factory and office workers from wearing face shields at work, saying personal protective equipment (PPE) remains crucial in fighting the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) despite improving public health indicators.

“We will not compromise [on] this position because science and evidence say that when you wear a mask you can decrease the incidence or probability of getting infected by as much as 70 percent,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said at the Laging Handa briefing.

If a person wears a face shield on top of the mask and practices physical distancing, he or she could reduce the chance of getting infected by as much as 99 percent, Vergeire added.

“Our point and position from the start is we will push and advocate wearing face masks, wearing face shields, practicing physical distancing, washing

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  • Kraft is releasing a limited edition Pumpkin Spice Macaroni and Cheese flavor this fall.
  • 1,000 lucky winners will get to try a box, which comes with a coffee cup and a special pumpkin-spice flavor packet.
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As the leaves turn orange, flannel-wearers everywhere anticipate the arrival of the classic drink: The Pumpkin Spice Latte. But this year, there’s another seasonal treat to look forward to: Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese.

On Tuesday, Kraft Canada announced that they would be raffling off 1,000 boxes come October, and directed people to an online waitlist to enter for a chance to win. 30,000 Canadians signed up for the waitlist in 48 hours, according to Today. On Friday, Kraft announced that Americans have the chance to taste the special edition mac and cheese too. 

“While Pumpkin Spice KD may be trolling the classic ‘PSL’, this spicy cheesy treat

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Brandon Porcasi Puts His Business Skills in Fruitful Test With the Opening of Curbside Mexican Grill

Brandon Porcasi, an alma mater of Robert B. Willumstad School of Business, recounts some of the inspiring goals towards the startup of Curbside Mexican Grill.

Rockville Center, NY – In a recent update on their website, Curbside Mexican Grill, a topnotch Rockville Center Mexican food restaurant, issued an update concerning their top owner Brandon Porchasi. Even though the restaurant enjoys management from the two brothers who are business partners as well, Brandon Porchasi had the chance to share his personal experience. 

Speaking on the phone with his alma mater, Brandon shared his classwork experience with opening a real business. One of the top rules of entrepreneurship is, everything that an entrepreneur does is for the benefit of the business. By this, he recounts how this principle guides and gears him towards the success of the company. 

He said that when he gets a rare day of the business from their

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