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Day: September 18, 2020


Diamondbacks’ catcher Stephen Vogt (21) congratulates Stefan Crichton on the save of a 4-3 win against the Mariners at Chase Field in Phoenix, Ariz. on Sept. 11, 2020.  (Photo: Patrick Breen, Patrick Breen/The Republic)

With Los Angeles Angels sluggers Mike Trout, Anthony Rendon and Albert Pujols due up in the ninth inning and a one-run lead to protect on Tuesday night, Diamondbacks reliever Stefan Crichton tried to remind himself to relax.

He also tried to prevent himself from doing something else.

“Don’t look at that person in the face,” Crichton recalled telling himself. “The second you look up, you’re like, ‘Holy crap, that’s Mike Trout,’ or ‘That’s Albert Pujols.’”

Crichton’s approach seemed to worked well. He retired the side in order for his second save.

In the parlance of manager Torey Lovullo, Crichton might not be anointed the title of Diamondbacks’ “closer” quite yet. But he is the reliever

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Any firm that sells to consumers must understand how four factors will influence their customers as well as their own business, and they need to start planning now to harness these trends to maximize the value of customer relationships. 

Forrester recently explored changes in how consumers buy products and services. The relationship between consumers and businesses is undergoing a multifaceted transformation based on four factors: the economic impact of marketplaces, next-generation product experiences, consumers’ perception of brand values and brands’ adoptions of business models. Any firm that sells to consumers must understand how these factors will influence their customers as well as their own business, and they need to start planning now to harness these trends to maximize the value of customer relationships. 

The effects will be far-reaching. Firms must not only navigate the four broad and interconnected forces of change, but they must be prepared to innovate continuously as

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Courtesy of ZeroHedge

Swiss financial blog Inside Paradeplatz first reported that the chairmen of Swiss banking giants UBS and Credit Suisse are exploring the possibility of a merger that would presumably fuse the two Swiss banking behemoths into a European giant with enough heft to go toe-to-toe with JPM. The news was picked up early Monday morning by Bloomberg, which reported that the project, nicknamed “Signal”, is being pushed by Axel Weber, the chairman of UBS, who is working on the deal in partnership with Urs Rohner, his counterpart at UBS.

Weber has reportedly discussed the idea with Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer, and an agreement could happen by early next year, according to the original report.However, Wall Street analysts have responded to the report of what wold be the biggest banking merger since the financial crisis with skepticism. The creation of such a massive Swiss national champion would seemingly

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Despite an already strong run, Just Life Group Limited (NZSE:JLG) shares have been powering on, with a gain of 52% in the last thirty days. The last 30 days bring the annual gain to a very sharp 40%.

Even after such a large jump in price, it’s still not a stretch to say that Just Life Group’s price-to-earnings (or “P/E”) ratio of 22x right now seems quite “middle-of-the-road” compared to the market in New Zealand, where the median P/E ratio is around 23x. However, investors might be overlooking a clear opportunity or potential setback if there is no rational basis for the P/E.

Recent times have been quite advantageous for Just Life Group as its earnings have been rising very briskly. The P/E is probably moderate because investors think this strong earnings growth might not be enough to outperform the broader market in the near future. If that doesn’t eventuate,

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Russia has approved R-Pharm’s Coronavir treatment for outpatients with mild to moderate Covid-19 infections and the antiviral drug could be rolled out to pharmacies in the country as soon as next week, the company said on Friday.

Coronavir’s approval follows the green light for another Russian Covid-19 drug, Avifavir, in May. Both are based on favipiravir, which was developed in Japan and is widely used as the basis for viral treatments.

R-Pharm’s announcement is another sign Russia is pushing hard to take a global lead in the race against the virus. It is already exporting its Covid-19 tests and has clinched several international deals for supplies of its Sputnik V vaccine.

R-Pharm said it received approval for Coronavir following Phase III clinical trials involving 168 patients with Covid-19 .

R-Pharm has started talks with pharmacies about orders, the company’s spokeswoman said, with Coronavir supplies expected to be rolled out in

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As I have been writing for several weeks now, it seems as if I can begin this letter the same way every Friday:

a group of people holding wine glasses: People attend a performance by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as COVID-19 flares across Europe in Vienna, Austria, September 18, 2020.

© Lisi Niesner/Reuters
People attend a performance by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as COVID-19 flares across Europe in Vienna, Austria, September 18, 2020.

“Another week has passed in our strange sort of stasis, with no real movement on another stimulus package.”

And to repeat something else I wrote seven days ago — the greater the disruption that will arise out of the failure to pass another stimulus package now, the greater the reckoning that will come later (and don’t get me wrong: I don’t underestimate for a moment the problems that will be caused by all the debt that is being created).

As Rachel Bade and Erica Werner, writing in the Washington Post, observe, the latest move by the president — moving closer to what

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Business Insider recommends credit cards based on their overall value and ease of use. Sometimes, we receive a commission through The Points Guy affiliate network if you apply and are approved for a card, but our choices are always independent and objective.

  • Even before the pandemic hit, 2020 was going to be the year I built up my emergency savings fund.
  • I was able to increase my income and add to my fund at the beginning of the year, but I’ve had to get more creative in recent months.
  • One way I’m boosting my emergency fund during the pandemic is earmarking my credit card points and miles for expenses.
  • I haven’t cashed them in yet, but I could sell my JetBlue points for cash if I needed to, and redeem Capital One miles for essential purchases on Amazon.
  • See Business Insider’s list of the best rewards credit cards »


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Incoming freshman Anubhav Raghav deferred his enrollment at Ohio Wesleyan University to spring 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic and plans to use the time to participate in international internships from his home in India. But the deferral also has an added advantage: He has more time to think about ways to save money before and during school.


“Getting the best out of your potential and resources, without merely surviving in the United States, is every international student’s wish,” says Raghav, who plans to pursue a double major in communications and business.

Attending a U.S. university can be expensive. But those costs can be manageable if prospective international students plan ahead with these money-saving tips:

  • Apply to schools that don’t charge application fees or have lower costs.
  • Work at school.
  • Budget and cut down on unnecessary expenses.
  • Live off campus.

Apply to Schools That Don’t Charge Application Fees

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Everything you need to know about stimulus checks, right here.

Angela Lang/CNET

There’s still hope that a new economic relief package might happen and result in a second stimulus check for 2020. If authorized, a second round of payments could be worth a maximum of $1,200 per qualifying adult (and perhaps more for some families).

Let’s examine the structure of the first stimulus payment for a basic template on how a second potential round of direct payments could be handled, including what to do if you have dependents who were omitted from that first check. If you never got the first payment, try hunting it down with the IRS tracking tool or file a missing payment report for help. Read on for more details. We update this story regularly.

Will you be taxed on your stimulus check? What are your rights?

These rules

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a close up of a keyboard

© momius – Adobe Stock

Google Shopping is one of the most popular platforms for consumers shopping online, with many shoppers beginning their purchase journey with a Google search. But as consumer preferences skew toward supporting local and independent businesses, Google has updated its Shopping function to allow for greater filtering and more relevant search results.

The addition of a “Nearby” filter on the Google Shopping results page is designed to highlight the retail options within a specific radius of the user’s location. Alternatively, shoppers can add the words “near me” to their search, in order to automatically pull up the results that are available in their area. When combined with the “Discover” feature, which spotlights smaller retailers, this can be used to locate local businesses.

This supports the growing consumer interest in supporting independent businesses, particularly in light of the

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