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Great Neck, N.Y. (September 9, 2020)–The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District (GNWPCD) is proud to announce some significant upgrades to their website that all focus on customer convenience. With the latest round of website enhancements, residents and local business owners now have the convenience of a new secure online bill payment portal for certain transactions, interactive forms for sewer connection and disconnection, and grease trap applications. As the GNWPCD and the community continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the District has taken many measures to limit face-to-face interactions to keep both employees and residents safe.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, like for so many, has really made us take a second look at how we can improve the customer service experience in the name of safety and convenience,” said GNWPDC Chairman Jerry Landsberg. “The

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Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris spent Tuesday visiting Jacob Blake’s family in Milwaukee.

According to pool reports, Harris made several trips around the city but first visited with Blake’s family. Blake was shot in the back eight times by Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer Rusten Sheskey last month. Harris spoke to Blake by phone and met with Blake’s father and sister along with other family members.

The meeting was not on Harris’ schedule and reporters did not know about the meeting until after it concluded.

“They’re an incredible family and what they’ve endured and they do it with such dignity and grace,” Harris said after the meeting, according to Madison 365. “And you know, they’re carrying the weight of a lot of voices on their shoulders.” She added that the message to the family from the campaign was “just to, one, to express concern for their well-being and

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As thermometers in Southern California are soaring past 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperatures are also rising among the state’s regulators, grid operators and utility customers, who are enduring rolling blackouts for the first time since the 2001 energy crisis. What now?

Fingers are pointing in all directions — from a dependence on fossil fuels to an over-reliance on green energy, to mismanagement. For California, the overarching issue is to battle climate change and to do so using clean, inexpensive fuels. But the beef against green energy is that it is intermittent, making it harder for system operators to plan and to meet demand while customers are cranking up their air conditioners.

“California has always been the canary in the coal mine for climate change, and this weekend’s events only underscore that reality,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “Wildfires have caused system failures, while near-record energy demand is predicted as

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“My concern here is that the casinos are still allowed to be open, still have people inside, and only required to follow the 25% capacity rule — and they have liquor licenses,” she said in a telephone interview Tuesday. “It would be logical to conclude that people in casinos also talk loud, don’t wear masks and drink alcohol, which can make people less risk conscious. Right?

“Well, event venues are limited to the lesser of 25 guests or 25% capacity. Our local Knights of Columbus, for example, has capacity for 1,000 people, but they can’t hold a bingo or a wedding reception with just 25 people. It’s that sticking point that really bothered me.”

Pritzer said lifting restrictions depends on the willingness of those who live in the metro east and other affected regions to observe the safety measures prescribed by the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Illinois Department

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  • Palantir, which has a reputation for secrecy, faced tough questions from potential investors for the first time during its investor day on Wednesday.
  • Potential investors raised questions about Palantir’s path to profitability in light of the fact that it hasn’t turned a profit in its 17 years of existence.
  • Executives were also asked about how the company, which has a large number of government contracts, will expand into the private sector.
  • Palantir defended its status as a self-described software company, fending off concerns that it primarily provides services like consulting.
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For most of its 17-year existence, data crunching firm Palantir operated in secrecy.

Now, it’s facing tough questions from potential investors as it prepares to go public — and many of them are having a hard time understanding Palantir’s business.

Palantir, which sells data-processing software to large enterprise and government clients, faced questions

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I recently met with a leading global strategist, Ingrid Arna, to discuss the current economic climate and how she built an online business empire from home. Ingrid shared with me her top strategies with me, which I found

a person using a laptop computer sitting on top of a table

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insightful and valuable. The following are Ingrid’s words about building an online business:


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Get your online business started now

Grinding through an MBA program and gathering thousands of dollars in venture capital aren’t the only ways to launch a multimillion-dollar online brand.

In fact, I did neither.

I started my online business and scaled rapidly with zero capital investment. Within 18 months, I’d made my first million online. And only three years into my business, I’d built a multimillion-dollar international company. I then went on to achieve 60% growth in the midst of a global pandemic.

Related: 7 Online Business Ideas That Could Make

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This is part of CNBC Make It’s series on what it’s like to be Black in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has long been a culture dominated by white men, with a fraught record of following up on commitments to fix its race problem, from major tech companies that have barely moved their numbers on diversity to a lack of funding for Black founders. Here, CNBC Make It spoke with Black professionals to hear their experiences.

Mike T. Brown figured that after he spent four seasons playing professional football — one season in the National Football League with the Indianapolis Colts and three seasons in another pro league, the equivalent of today’s XFL — he would go on to Rice University in Houston, Texas, to get his MBA.

But then a friend and former teammate told Brown about the legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper (whose investments include Skype, Tesla, Hotmail,

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The financial update athletics director Jen Cohen and chief financial officer Kate Cullen will present to the University of Washington’s board of regents on Thursday does not resemble the original best-case scenario.

That scenario — featuring a full football season with fan attendance in the fall, outlined in a similar budget meeting in May — has been buried under a barrage of testing issues, long-term cardiac concerns and rising coronavirus cases. As a result, Pac-12 sports have been postponed through the end of the year and its athletics departments are facing an uncertain financial future.

All of which will be outlined in detail on Thursday, beginning with the opening paragraph of a document prepared to accompany the presentation:   

The updated FY21 budget included here reflects the following assumptions, as well as actions taken by ICA, which resulted from that decision:

  • A truncated football season in winter/spring;
  • Unlikely to have
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By Vivian Sequera and Mircely Guanipa

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan nurse Flor Perez works a grueling night shift at a public children’s hospital in Caracas, where the coronavirus is a constant risk. In exchange, she takes home a monthly salary that barely buys a day’s worth of groceries.

Perez, 47, says that of the eight nurses who are supposed to be on the night shift, only three consistently show up. The rest have left the country or taken other jobs to make more money.

“The day-to-day of a person who graduated from nursing school, unfortunately it hurts sometimes, because our salary (is) between three and a half and four dollars,” said Perez in her home on the outskirts of Caracas, as she got ready for a shift at the J.M. de los Rios hospital.

Perez is one of more than 100,000 nurses in Venezuela who are struggling to make ends

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Just over six months after its dining rooms closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, New York City will reopen for indoor dining. In a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the city’s restaurants will be able to reopen their indoor dining rooms at 25 percent capacity starting on September 30. If positive rates for COVID-19 do not significantly increase, indoor dining capacity will increase to 50 percent, as is the case elsewhere in New York state, by November 1.

a dining room table in a restaurant: Indoor dining will return to NYC at 25 percent capacity on September 30

© Gary He/Eater
Indoor dining will return to NYC at 25 percent capacity on September 30

The announcement follows weeks of back-and-forth between restaurant owners and elected officials, the former of which have called for a comprehensive indoor dining plan ahead of the end of the city’s outdoor dining program on October 31. Roughly half a year after the COVID-19 shutdown devastated the city’s hospitality industry, more

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