As there is more and more re-open talk, some of the stocks that will likely benefit the most, are starting to move nicely. One of those is AptarGroup (ATR). The company has survived what they are calling the “Crisis Low Point” and looks to gradually recover over the second half of the year. AptarGroup has a modest dividend, but a very well managed one that can be relied on for a small piece of income. All of this while the stock begins to breakout of its recent tight trading range is a recipe for success.

Aptar Completes Acquisition of CSP Technologies

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Who Are They?

Founded in 1992, AptarGroup operates in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. They provide a range of packaging, dispensing, and sealing solutions. They break this down into three segments: Beauty + Home, Pharma, and Food + Beverage.

The Beauty + Home segment primarily sells pumps, closures, aerosol valves, accessories,

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Biocon Biologics India, a subsidiary of Biocon, is engaged in developing affordable biosimilars. The company along with Mylan recently announced the launch of Semglee™ (insulin glargine injection) in the US to expand access for patients living with diabetes. In an interaction with BusinessLine, Christiane Hamacher, CEO & Managing Director, Biocon Biologics, said the demand for biosimilars in most of the world markets is rising and hence the company has a promising future. Excerpts:

How much will the US market contribute to Biocon Biologics in revenues?

We believe the US market represents a great opportunity for Biocon Biologics and we expect Semglee to contribute significantly to our goal of impacting 5 million patients’ lives and achieving $1 billion revenue by end of FY22. This is the third product through our partnership with Mylan, to be commercialised in the US.

What are the company’s plans to unlock value through equity investments?

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Hi. It’s been a long time since we talked. I don’t care who you are, I miss you.

COVID is in the process of literally eating 2020, and seriously messing with that most basic of human needs – connection. I know, that sounds woo-woo, and so Vashon, but it’s true, it’s real – it’s science. OK, wait, don’t go there, this is not controversial: the pandemic has disconnected us.

At a small (less than eight-person), socially distanced (more than 6 feet), outdoor gathering (air circulating) this week, there was a good friend I haven’t seen in six months. She was so happy to be seeing people, she was bouncing. Now granted, I do have weird friends, but she was bouncing, which in body language meant: ‘yes, I’ve been going completely nuts’.

Gotta acknowledge the darkness of these days. Even in nice weather! Even in a funny column! Many of us

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  • Dr. Robert Redfield has been the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since March 2018.
  • Earlier this week, Redfield asked governors to prepare state distribution facilities for coronavirus vaccines by November 1— two days before the presidential election.
  • His appointment was met with mixed reviews: Dr. Anthony Fauci once described Redfield as “a talented and committed physician/scientist.” Redfield has also faced controversy over the misrepresentation of data for a clinical trial for an AIDS vaccine during his role as one of the leading AIDS researchers at the US Army.
  • In August, he walked back from CDC’s modification of testing guidelines to no longer encourage asymptomatic people to get tested to clarify everybody who wants a test can get one after drawing much criticism from public health and medical experts.
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Earlier this week, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Friday said that he thinks the Trump administration will in a matter of weeks unveil aid for U.S. airlines, which have been dealt a blow as the coronavirus outbreak grounded most flights.

a plane sitting on the tarmac at an airport: FILE PHOTO: American Airlines planes are parked at the gate during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Washington

© Reuters/Joshua Roberts
FILE PHOTO: American Airlines planes are parked at the gate during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Washington

“If they need additional assistance, we stand ready to work with them to hammer out additional packages,” Kudlow said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.


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Airlines for America, the main lobby for U.S. airlines, does not expect air travel to return to pre-pandemic levels until 2024 and is hoping for a second round of government aid to help the industry, Chief Executive Nicholas Calio said on Thursday.

U.S. passenger airlines are still collectively losing more than $5 billion a month as 30% of planes remain

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Illinois’ richest man kicked in $20 million to fight Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s proposed graduated income tax, setting the stage for a costly Election Day showdown on the ballot initiative.

It also puts two of Illinois’ richest men squarely on opposite sides of a battle to change the tax code to more heavily hit high-income earners.

As big as the eight-figure donation is from Ken Griffin, the founder and CEO of hedge fund Citadel, it’s a fraction of what Pritzker has already ponied up.

The Democratic governor has personally dropped $56.5 million of his fortune into the “Vote Yes for Fairness” committee, which is focused on getting the ballot initiative passed.

Griffin is worth an estimated $12.1 billion, according to Forbes’ latest ranking of the world’s billionaires. That makes him the state’s richest man. Pritzker ranks fourth in the state with a fortune estimated at $3.4 billion from his Hyatt Hotels

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Before we get to the state of the market fundamentals, I figure it is probably a good idea to address the current violent selloff happening in the stock market.

The fact that the market suddenly fell, without notice, and on no news, should not come as ANY surprise to readers of this oftentimes meandering morning market missive. As I wrote on Wednesday, “The market continues to grind higher on a daily basis here and there has been little-to-no downside action since the end of June. And while I do believe we’ve got a “good overbought” condition on our hands, we have seen this movie before. If the market follows the script, we can expect a scary decline in response to whatever fear comes out of the woodwork next.”

In addition, our Early Warning Board has been sending a “buyer beware” message for some time now. So, the question wasn’t “if”

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Former foes Kosovo and Serbia agreed Friday to normalize economic relations in a US-brokered deal that the administration of President Donald Trump touted as a major diplomatic success.

The two sides signed statement in the White House Oval Office committing to a raft of measures to improve transport infrastructure and border crossings, cut trade tariffs and share energy and water resources, and to implement earlier agreements on opening highway and rail links.

They also agreed, as part of their commitments, to improve their relations with Israel. Serbia will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem while Kosovo, a majority-Muslim country, will formally recognize the Jewish state.

In turn, Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, gained formal recognition from Israel.

“A truly historic day,” Trump said, with Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic sitting beside him in the Oval Office.

“By focusing on job

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If watching online gamers on Twitch is a bridge too far from your childhood memories of playing Space Invaders on your Atari 2600, then you may not be in to what’s happening in the sports trading card world.

A resurgence in trading cards is fueled, in part, by an experience called “group breaking,” and Chris Keller, who owns Top Shelf Sports Cards in Elgin, has been in on the industrywide trend that started about a decade ago.



“When we were growing up, we collected our sports cards, and they made them by the tens of millions,” Keller said. “You could go in a little shop and buy a hobby box for 20 to 30 bucks and you got 24 packs of cards.”

Today, there are fewer licensed companies and they’re making fewer cards. And, the boxes now cost hundreds of dollars but guarantee a certain number of autographed or memorabilia

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Pennsylvania’s delay on relaxing the operating rules for restaurants and bars amid the coronavirus affects not only risks the economic health of those businesses in the Lehigh Valley and statewide, a panelist said Friday during a virtual legislative hearing among senate Democrats.

a man sitting at a table: Wearing her mask while cleaning, Madison Wilson a waitress at Braveheart Highland Pub in Hellertown, cleans the bar recently. Democratic state lawmakers heard from restaurant owners and others in the field about the difficulties related to Pennsylvania’s restrictions on reopening restaurants amid the coronavirus pandemic during a virtual hearing Friday.

© Rick Kintzel, The Morning Call file photo/The Morning Call/The Morning Call/TNS
Wearing her mask while cleaning, Madison Wilson a waitress at Braveheart Highland Pub in Hellertown, cleans the bar recently. Democratic state lawmakers heard from restaurant owners and others in the field about the difficulties related to Pennsylvania’s restrictions on reopening restaurants amid the coronavirus pandemic during a virtual hearing Friday.

Brad Clemens of Clemens Food Group, which owns Hatfield meats that has a plant in Montgomery County, said the restrictions have had a profound affect on “noncommercial” businesses, such as college cafeterias, stadium food services, farmers and more.


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“Pig prices are trading at all

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