18-Year-Old Entrepreneur Ahmer Ibrahim Is Changing The Online Business World Entirely

18-Year-Old Entrepreneur Ahmer Ibrahim Is Changing The Online Business World Entirely

Remha Media & the Digital Aficionado scale up with new client signings across diverse industry categories online

NEW YORK – August 17, 2020 – Remha Media, the online advertising agency led by Ahmer Ibrahim, the 18-year-old entrepreneur known as the Digital Aficionado, is experiencing immensely strong growth. The agency specializes in paid advertising campaigns for online brands, but Ibrahim also provides brand consulting & funnel creation services through his alias, the Digital Aficionado. His portfolio of businesses is rapidly expanding across multiple industry categories, and continues to see rapid, long-lasting success for his clients.

“We’re succeeding beyond our wildest dreams because we’ve reinvented the agency model for the digital age,” Ibrahim explained. “Remha moves quickly and maximizes efficiency, avoiding time & money wasting activities that most agencies focus on, while taking advantage of our proprietary, field-tested models.” Remha Media scales online brands to seven- & eight- figure businesses through highly targeted ad campaigns. Ibrahim added, “We have a proven track record with almost any kind of entrepreneur selling something online, such as a course, B2B coaching & consulting, as well as B2C Ecommerce products.”


Ibrahim is individually engaged in brand consulting and funnel creation services more than ever. Clients span multiple online brand categories, including companies involved in ecommerce, fashion, beauty, fitness & more. “A sales funnel seems quite simple to organize from the front end, but it takes an insurmountable level of skill to get it running profitably on the back end” Ibrahim noted. “This is what we do.”

Ahmer’s story itself is inspirational. He’s a US-born Pakistani-American. As immigrants, his parents struggled financially, but encouraged Ibrahim to excel academically. He did well in school, but realized that business was his true calling in 2018, at 16 years old. One of the first places Ibrahim found insights was in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad books, but has grown far beyond who he was when he began. Surprisingly enough, Ibrahim’s high school physics teacher became one of Ibrahim’s first mentors in business and entrepreneurship. “I’m indebted to him. He’s one of the most exceptional individuals I’ve met, and if it weren’t for his guidance, I wouldn’t be the man I’ve become today,” Ibrahim stated.

Ibrahim is very active on social media, maintaining accounts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For more information, visit https://www.remha-media.com/

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