10 Best Business Softwares That Will Boost Your Small Business To The Top

These days, launching a small business is a big risk. There’s more competition than ever, and some industries are packed with the same businesses that are all fighting for clients. Thankfully, today’s technology also presents many strategies and tools that you can use to get ahead. And knowing them is half the battle.

To help you out, here are some of the best strategic business tools you can use to differentiate yourself from the rest and start earning loyal customers:


Animoto Animoto. Photo: Taken from website

Gone are the days of lengthy written reports that take forever to finish and even longer to understand. Technology has paved the way for video reports and presentations that present information better.

Thankfully, you can do the same for your business with Animoto, an easy video making software that can help you create videos for reports or to drive more traffic to your website. Pricing is highly affordable, depending on your needs, ranging from the free version to team use. Making the videos can be as simple as dragging and dropping items.

2. New Frontier Data 

New Frontier Data New Frontier data Photo: Taken from website

When it comes to starting a business, having the know-how is half the battle, and New Frontier Data is here to help budding cannabis companies with just exactly that. The thing with the cannabis industry is, while it’s very exciting and in the “now,” navigating it can still be very tricky. 

Because of this, New Frontier Data aims to help business weather that choppy sea by equipping them with services such as cannabis-centric business intelligence, studies and industry reports; a multimedia reference library; and even a team of industry experts that will help you navigate those waters. With New Frontier Data, you are sure to make the right business decisions.

3. TeamWave 

teamwave TeamWave Photo: Taken from website

When it comes to handling a business and all its many ins and outs, the wrong tools can easily let things spiral out of control, while the right one can make everything run smooth. TeamWave is here to help you achieve the latter.

Operating as a Delaware-based company, TeamWave specializes in integrated CRM, project management and HR tools that cater to different companies from different industries. Through its own platform, TeamWave’s goal is to give your company a better way to collaborate with employees while helping you manage sales, projects and clients. This guarantees a more streamlined workflow that’s focused on getting results.

4. Vinity Solutions 

Vinity Soft Vinity Soft Photo: Taken from website

Whether you own a warehouse filled to the brim with vehicular assets or work for a company that maintains a fleet of vehicles for different purposes, Vinity Solutions is here to provide you with business solutions that would help you do more work and less time trying to figure out what goes where.

Currently, Vinity Solutions offers multiple products for your corporate vehicle and asset management needs, including the Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 and the Tool & Asset Management 2.0, as well as mobile fleet management and database hosting services. With these products, Vinity Solutions aims to give you tools based on real-world experience for your real world needs.

5. WonderShare 

WonderShare WonderShare Photo: Taken from website

Creativity simplified. This is the simple motto that WonderShare runs with, and it’s the same motto that shines through in its products; all of which are aimed to combine easy business solutions with fun and creativity.

WonderShare is a place where individuals and ideas thrive, it is dedicated to providing businesses with software solutions that will help businesses carve their own path. This includes handy everyday utility tools, productivity solutions, EdrawMax, DemoCreator, Filmstock, and the award-winning Filmora9, which is one of the best video editors on the market. Through its products, WonderShare is committed to inspiring and helping creators do what they do best: create.

6. Horizon 

Horizon Horizon Photo: Taken from website

Horizon is a Florida-based company that offers E-marketing solutions to any company that needs it, be it big or small. This includes providing you with email marketing software that allows you to handle your own mailing campaigns while also creating ads, importing lists, and broadcasting campaigns.

Through this software, you will also be able to direct your email advertising to both consumers and businesses based on different categories such as age, city, zip code, hobbies, gender, and even occupation. These calibrated options would then result to guaranteed traffic and growth to your business and website. With Horizon, you will now be able to use the power of email advertising to its fullest potential.

7. Transcribe 

Transcribe Transcribe Photo: Taken from website

Need a quick and easy transcription service for all your needs? Transcribe is more than happy to help you. Trusted by customers from the biggest companies such as Stanford, Microsoft, CNBC and even NASA, Transcribe uses the latest in transcription technology to instantly transcribe text from any audio you upload, be it a speech from a event or something you recorded on the site itself. Whatever it is, Transcribe’s state-of-the-art transcription technology will only take a few minutes to turn your speech into text, saving you and countless journalists, lawyers, podcasters, and students thousands of hours every month.

8. Online Local Search 

Amazon Online Local Search Photo: Taken from website

Thanks to modern technology, the possibilities for the future of voice technology are endless. However, one thing is clear at the moment, and that’s on voice search is taking off, especially for consumers that are now living in smart homes with voice assistants. Because of this, businesses have started incorporating voice into different marketing strategies.

If you want to join in, online local search can help you by making sure hundreds of potential clients looking for the services you offer can find you. For the cheap price of only $29.97, you’ll be able to reach at least 40 million plus people that are on vocal search networks. What you do next when they come knocking is up to you.

9. VEA

VEA VEA Photo: Taken from website

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur that has made a successful business and kept it steady for quite a while now? Or are you a budding entrepreneur that is just starting to dip his toes into business waters? Either way, VEA is here to help you out in more ways than one.

Presenting itself as a virtual executive assistant, VEA is designed to help those in charge by helping them make smarter business decisions and lead their group of employees to be more productive. User driven and innovative, VEA can help you with your customer database, tickets, appointments, B2B contacts, and other tasks based on their priority. Additionally, VEA is also fully customizable, and can be set to your company’s preferences so you feel more at home.

10. Tech Treats 

Tech Treats Tech Treats Photo: Taken from website

With so many businesses launching here and there, it can be quite tricky to get the attention of people about your services, much less keep them there. Tech Treats is here to provide you with the right tools that you need to get a headstart, with its selection of marketing “treats.”

Currently, the company offers voiceover and scriptwriting services, video resumes, whiteboard videos, animation, infographics video, digital marketing management, social media marketing campaigns, and even your own chatbot — all intended to make your services as marketable and presentable as possible. This way, Tech Treats aims to get your business up and running in no time without shelling a lot.

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